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About us

As you will have worked out, LFEC are the initials of the Llanelli Free Evangelical Church.

So who is LFEC?
When we ask ‘Who?' and not ‘What' we are making a statement about what the Church is. It is not an object or an organisation; it is an organism made up of people. LFEC is not a building with an address but ordinary people with real lives.


When we ask ‘who?' and not ‘what?' we fall in line with the Bible's definition of a Church.

In 1 Corinthians 12; the human body, with all of its diversity, is used to illustrate what the Church is. The body is a unit comprised of different parts, working together in harmony. The Church is the body of Christ and His body is made up of people. People clearly matter to God.

LFEC is made up of people from very differing backgrounds and ages; their relationship with Christ is the great thing that they have in common and it's what unites them.


LFEC is just one small part of Christ's Church tucked away in a corner of Wales but we have a big heart for the world. We hope that this site may become one of the ways we a can reach out and touch God's world with His message in a new way.

When are Where are our Sunday Services?


Every Sunday -

Live streaming only of Morning and Evening Services: 10:30am and 6pm

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